Custom OO Shapes

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You love OpenOffice, but you still use Visio to make drawings. Why? Because none of the shapes you need are easily available. Until now.

Custom OO Shapes is a repository of custom shapes you can use with OpenOffice Draw. The following shapes are available:

CategoryContentsLast UpdatedLink
Basic Network ShapesTape drive, multiplexer, bridge, hub, modem, printer, comm link, server tower, server blade, desktop PC, radio tower, cell phone, router, rack-mount unit, IP phone, laptop, wireless access point, firewall, dot-matrix printer, racks (38U, 42U, 46U), large satellite dish, satellite, small satellite dish, scanner10-Nov-2010download (21.9 kb)
UML ShapesClass, instance, package, component, assembly, collaboration, artifact, node, deployment, swim lanes (four variations), actor, accept event, action, activity final, decision, flow final, stop, initial node, parameter set, object node, condition, send signal, receive signal, frame, paths24-Jan-2010download (13.7 kb)
Theater LightingEllipsoidal reflector spotlights (ERS), lens boxes, Source Four© fixtures, ERS designators, beam projectors, fresnels, pinspot, plano convex, PARs, ERS floodlights, cycloramas, striplights, fluorescents, follow spotlight, moving mirror, moving yoke, moving heads, slide projector, practical, fogger, booms and mountings, barn doors, scroller, top hat, half hat, CYM mixer, douser, sightline, rigging point, curtain, dimmer, channel, circuit, center line11-Jul-2010download (23.1 kb)
Logic GatesAnd, Or, Not (Inverter), Nand, Nor, Xor, Xnor18-Jan-2011download (12.1 kb)
Electrical EngineeringResistor, variable resistor, capacitor (straight and curved), polarized capacitor (straight and curved), earth ground, chassis ground, diode, Zener diode, battery, crystal, fuse, inductor, air inductor, iron core inductor, transformer, pushbutton (NO, NC, toggle), transistors (PNP, NPN, Darlington Pair), phototransistor, MOFSET (P chan, N chan), TRIAC, thyristor (silicon-controlled rectifier), photodiode31-Jan-2012download (14.3 kb)
Simple Orchestra LayoutInstrument, music stand, timpani, piano, xylophone, harp14-Mar-2010download (9.7 kb)
GUI Elements and ControlsWindow, dialog box, dropdown list, frame, text box, checkbox, radio button, button, focus indicator, slider, progress bar, tree arrows, drop-down arrow, spin arrows, notebook tab, window controls (close, restore, maximize, minimize)09-Mar-2008download (12.7 kb)
Computer and Network SymbolsSCSI LVD/SE, SCSI LVD, SCSI SE, SCSI HVD, Ethernet, USB16-Jun-2006download (9.6 kb)
FastenersPan head Phillips, slotted head, Pozidriv, Supadrive, Robertson, hexagonal slotted, standard washer, lock washer16-Jun-2006download (11.0 kb)
Cable ConnectorsRJ-45 socket, SCSI 68-pin male, DB-9 female, PS219-Jun-2006download (11.7 kb)
Home EntertainmentDVD player, VCR, remote control, floor speaker, receiver, amplifier, home theater projector, stereo speaker, DVR, satellite dish, flat screen TV, game console 05-Jul-2006download (13.3 kb)
Office LayoutWall, 4-wall office, 6-wall office, 8-wall office, oval conference table, round conference table, rectangular conference table, boatshape conference table, bookshelf, filing cabinet, lateral cabinet, flat drawing cabinet, corner connector, corner desk, executive chair, 2-seat couch, 3-seat couch, task chair, desk chair14-Dec-2006download (12.6 kb)
Basic Furniture Shapes submitted by Gavin KattsDouble bed, single bed, workstation, plants, 3-, 4-, 5-, and 6-seat dining tables, single couch, double couch, 3-seat couch, 4-seat couch, ottoman, electric range, gas range, refridgerator, kitchen table12-Jun-2008download (26.8 kb)
CAD ExampleGavin Katts (contact) provided an example of using OpenOffice Draw to make a CAD drawing.19-May-2008download (22.4 kb)

How to use

Download the file you need. Open it in OpenOffice. Copy the desired shape using Ctrl+C, and paste special as Drawing Format into your own drawing. That's all! (If you need additional help, see the tutorial.)

To resize a shape, click it, hold down the Shift key, and drag one of the handles.

Do you need a shape?

If you need a shape, or a shape in a different color or with more glue points, please contact me.

Comments or complaints

If you notice something good or bad about these images, let me know.


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Copyright and license

©2006–2011 Mark Lautman. All rights reserved. The shapes you download from this web site are distributed under the Lesser General Public License version 3 (LPGLv3).

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